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Things You Didn’t Know About Washlets

One of the many things that you will surely like about living in Japan is the washlet. Over fifty percent of Japanese households have washlets.

What Exactly are They?

Washlets are a modernized toilet seat with amazing features. One of these highlights will cause toilet paper to become obsolete. After you have used them for the first time, you would surely consider your regular toilet experience as primitive.

A Japanese toilet seat, as people want to call it, may look simple at first glance. But do not
let that appearance deceive you as the seat hosts an array of functions, such as the following:

KOHLER 1.28 GPF Santa Rosa– Anus spray
– Female water cleansing (for women’s private parts)
– Seat heating
– Massage
– Automatic seat
– Automatic flushing
– Soap rinse
– Seat temperature

Can you still use them during a power outage?

Washlets may rely on electricity to use their functions. However, you can still flush the content like a regular commode. Since there’s no power, you’ll have no choice but to use toilet paper.

Are they eco-friendly?

Yes, they are. They are not only hygienic but they can also reduce the use of toilet paper thanks to the washlet’s posterior spray function. You may still need to use a small amount of toilet paper when you dry-off your behind.

Apart from that, washlets are also water friendly and beneficial to your health as they can alleviate constipation and hemorrhoids.

Should you opt for them?

You should try installing them to your regular toilet system and experience the difference. You can find Japanese toilet seat at Amazon and other online stores, or you can first read a few reviews on the 4 top washlet models.

Washlets can cost around $600 and this does not include the installation cost. The reviews for this type of toilet seat are fairly positive. Hence, they are surely worth checking out.

More information can be found at this site