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Writer Tips: 6 Ways to Ignite Your Creative Mind

Being a writer is not easy at all. Anybody has the ability to write. A lot of people are even better in grammar and spelling than many individuals who call themselves writers. However, writing is not for everyone. Anyone can write, but not everyone can be a writer.

If you already established the fact that you’re a writer, you are faced with many challenges along the way. It’s not every day that you will get brilliant ideas. You might even face a wall sometimes when you experience writer’s block. If today you feel like you lack creativity, here are some tips that will hopefully help out in igniting your creative mind.

1. Change the font size, style and color when typing.

When you’re used to Size 12, Times New Roman, black on a white sheet of blank document on Microsoft Word, try something different today. Change the font color to blue, go on Size 10 or 11 or even 14, you can even go for Comic Sans if you like! When you see the same things all the time, your mind stays the same as well. If you want something different to come out in your writing, then start with the page you’re writing on.

2. Take a break.

BabylissPro Miracurl Steamtech ReviewSometimes, all you need is a break. Have a cup of coffee. Of course, a good night sleep is a must, so make sure you sleep enough or put up an airbed in the corner of your office and take a quick nap. Call a friend and chat on the phone for a while. Check what’s up on your Facebook feed. Stay
away from your computer if you could though. It is best to catch a breath of fresh air outdoors so you can refresh your eyes and your mind.

3. Watch a movie or an episode of your favorite series.

Yes, this will take a bit of time and especially if you’re trying to beat a deadline, this might not be a good choice. Remind yourself though that quality is king when it comes to creating content. Take your time when writing. It’s better to submit your written material right in the nick of time rather than turning it a couple of hours earlier but with poor content.

4. Listen to songs other than the usual ones you always play.

If you usually listen to the same songs all over again, try something different today. Go on YouTube and search for a song that you like. Turn on the auto-play button and let YouTube look for the next songs for you. Old songs that you haven’t heard in a while might awaken some memories that can trigger your creativity. New songs that you haven’t heard yet might stir some emotions that will ignite the creativity that you badly need right now.

5. Dress differently.

If you’re so used to wearing a shirt, jeans and a pair of sneakers every day, today wear something extra special. Perhaps the dress you’ve kept in your closet for a while or the pair of sandals you usually wear when you’re on a casual trip. Instead of just tying your hair into a ponytail, go with Angela’s choice: the curling iron and rock lovely waves or pretty curls today. What you look like will change your outlook and the way you feel. Believe it or not, it will come out in your writing.

6. Work in different spots around your home, office or anywhere you choose to work.

A change in scenery always works. If you have a blank white wall in front of you for days, then it’s difficult to get inspired. If you work from home in your home office, try working in the living room today. If you are in an office, transfer to another desk for today. If you can work anywhere you like, perhaps the coffee shop down the street or that bench in the park will be a nice change of view.

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